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인디언분장_18.8x22.5xcm_oil on

인디언 분장, oil on canvas, 22.7x15.8cm, 2010

인디언영혼_89.4 x 130.3cm _oil on canvas _201

인디언 영혼, oil on canvas, 89.4 x130.3cm, 2010


Rocker, oil on canvas, 40.9x27.3cm, 2010


대화, oil on canvas, 37.9x45.5cm, 2010

봄_53.0 x 72.7cm_oil on canvas _2010.jpg

봄, oil on canvas, 53.0x72.7cm, 2010

비엔나_65.1 x 90.9cm_oil on canvas_2010.jpg

비엔나, oil on canvas, 65.1x90.9cm, 2010

산책_162.2x130.3cm_oil on canvas_2010.jpg

산책, oil on canvas, 130.3x162.2cm, 2010

교통사고_100.0x80.3cm_oil on canvas_

교통사고, oil on canvas, 100.0x80.3cm, 2010

불면증_oil on canvas_24.3x33.4cm_2011.jpg

불면증, oil on canvas, 24.3x33.4cm, 2011

보라.oil on canvas.65.1x90.0cm.2011.jpg

보라, oil on canvas, 65.2x91.0cm, 2011

그해_116x80.3cm_oil on canvas_ 2010.jpg

그 해, oil on canvas, 80.3x116.0cm, 2011


머리, oil on canvas, 65.1x53.0cm, 2011


합창, oil and acrylic on canvas, 53.0x72.8cm, 2011


합창, oil and acrylic on canvas, 31.8x41.0cm, 2011 (좌)

합창, oil and acrylic on canvas, 26.0x26.0cm, 2011 (우)

히키코모리_116.8 x 91.0cm_acrylic and oil on

히키코모리, oil and acrylic on canvas, 91.0x116.8cm, 2011

대화_100.0 x 80.3cm_acrylic and oil on can

대화, oil and acrylic on canvas, 80.3x100.0cm, 2011


비둘기, oil and acrylic on canvas, 72.7x90.9cm, 2011

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